California Occupational Safety and Environmental Law

Dufour Safety, Environmental & Regulatory Law is the embodiment of James T. Dufour’s 30-year career. In addition to providing the most thorough and up to date environmental law and compliance seminars available, Mr. Dufour leads an active law practice.

Within his law practice, Mr. Dufour represents clients in environmental and Proposition 65 cases. These cases are usually the result of a federal (U.S. EPA) or State of California environmental agency inspection which results in the issuance of a Notice of Violation and substantial proposed penalties. These cases cover topics such as clean air, hazardous waste, and water pollution. His practice also covers cases coming out of Proposition 65, the California law which requires warnings for chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Mr. Dufour also represents clients whose cases result from Cal/OSHA inspections of workplaces, usually after an accident. Mr. Dufour’s legal and technical credentials in this area allow him to expertly represent clients cost effectively. He has an extraordinary track record of getting citations withdrawn or reclassified with significant penalty reductions, usually without the need for a costly hearing.

As an expert witness and litigation consultant, Mr. Dufour also provides his expertise to large law firms.